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My process

The process for every aspect of my UX work begins with getting an understanding of the objective for example it might be to create a new user on-boarding process or a microUX element such as button positioning and or colour.  Below I’ve listed out the steps I take when working, I apply all of these methods where possible however sometimes It’s not necessary to go through every step.

Discuss objectives or requirements
This is fundamental to my process and to having a measurable target e.g. increase customer sign up or sales. Normally the requirement will come from the CEO, COO, Project Directors, owners or various stake holders. My role in this step is to understand what’s required and start making notes and asking questions that will enable me to kick off my work.

Depending on the scale of the requirement I might use a Business Model Canvas to start with.Objetives

Compare, research and analyse
As with any type of UX I like to see “what others are doing”. I usually find looking at leading marketing competitors and understanding how they operate is an ideal guide. From here I will begin to forge my ideas.

I find flowcharting an ideal way of mapping a user journey or a process as it enables me to identify every step of the process and start to streamline steps at every opportunity. This is also helpful for stakeholders or project owners to review and make sure we’re on the right path.Flowchart

Wireframe Prototypes
I build interactive wireframe prototypes based on the flowcharts so that I can test out the steps to make sure the concept “works” and delivers the required objective.Prototypes

Present ideas
I will reconvene with the project owners and with Front End Developer as well as developers (production team) to present both my flowcharts and wireframe prototypes. This enables me to walk every person through the UX step by step and allows the project owners to ask questions, suggest changes and or sign off. This process also allows the production team to have an insight into whats expected and allow them to start building up a picture of whats to come. Often I’ll sit with the production team and we will discuss the more technical aspects of the project.Presejt

Mock ups/visuals
I work on UI creative and present these to everyone involved in the project to make sure everyone is happy with my suggestive layout & design, it also gives me a chance to “sanity check” my ideas with marketing, sales and others.MockUp

Once a build is underway, at various points I might work with a production team member on an issue that has an impact on the journey. When a project is ready for roll out I will QA it and present to stake holders and project owners to make sure everyone is happy to go live.QA

Post live rollout
I will constantly review the designs, process alongside data guides such as Crazy Egg or Google Analytics or sales teams to ensure the process is working exactly as should be. If we find it needs tweaking we use the data collected to make adjustments.Rollout