The project

Undertaking any website redesign is a challenge, but doing your own company’s site – one that has a global team – presented a whole new set of challenges. When our  CEO identified a need for a redesign I was approached by Head of Solutions to redesign the site with a change of direction being “more grown up” as the brief.

Product page design

The IA would remain the same, but a refreshed look and feel was required as well as new content and imagery. After a very brief round of wireframes I began designing and producing concepts to present to a local set of stakeholders before refining to present to the wider global team.

I worked alongside copywriters and marketers to ensure the Squiz brand and message was factored into the design whilst working on the newer cleaner, minimal grown up design. The new UI was made up of a number of key elements: the look and feel, the fonts, white space, icon design/usage and imagery, all of which would represent an evolution from the previous design.

Service page mobile design

I designed the site to be minimal so that new messaging and content was more visible to the user. Once I had the basic design in place I was able to handover to the wider design team and take up creative direction for the remainder of the site including mobile and desktop layouts, and iconography and animation.

We’re currently on version of the site with regular enhancements being released

Watch this space.


My role included

User research
Tablet/Mobile UX/UI
Web Design
Creative Direction
Visual Design


“The updated site tells Squiz’s story in a much simpler, solution centric and contemporary way. It’s designed to reflect what we’re doing now and in the future.”

John-Paul Syriatowicz
CEO Squiz