Bucks New Universtity

The project

Approached by the Assistant Director of Marketing at Bucks, Squiz were tasked with undertaking the redesign of the university’s website. I lead on the UX and design for this project. Working alongside our head of creative strategy we set about running UX workshops including, user interviews, stakeholder interviews, ideation and IA card sorts to begin to plan out the site. Given the enormity of the website, several variations of the IA were designed and revised through the process.


From the research and interviews with students and members of the team we understood that it was important for potential students to search for a career as well as a course so we devised the search which uses Funnelback technology to do just that.

Search functionality

Working on the site architecture directly with the client enabled us to plan meticulously how the user would pass through the site. Leading our team of UX and UI designers we began to work on the delivery of wireframe templates for user testing. Each page was created following the information gathered at the workshops and this was tested, reviewed and tested again until all stakeholders and users were satisfied.

Mobile design

I ran a creative workshop with the client to look at the design direction the site should take. This  enabled me to talk to all the designers and marketers client side and get buy in for my ideas. Taking inspiration from the workshop and market research, I worked on UI concepts presenting mobile and desktop designs to the client at regular stages until sign off.

I designed the site to reflect the bold approach of the University as it competes in the hectic student retention marketplace.


My role included

User research
User testing
Tablet/Mobile UX/UI
Web Design
Creative Direction
Visual Design

Homepage modular feature panels


“Having a new website meant we could also point our digital advertising to meaningful content which could be accessed from any device. We are clearly benefiting from a mobile responsive website with a big increase in visitors against this time last year.”

Julia Weston
Assistant Director, Brand and Marketing