What I do

I often apply a fast paced approach to my UX process…”shifting through the gears” is one way to describe it. Below gives a snapshot of how I would normally work and apply the various steps to any given project.


Understand the pain points and requirements of a project by running a discovery workshop or meeting. Often I’ll work on a presentation consisting of our solutions and research.

User personas

By identifying the users I am able to create personas as a way of understanding how each user will use the website. Any future designs can be matched against these as a way of reference.

UX & Creative workshops

I run workshops entirely based on the project requirement, IA card sorting exercises or a persona and user journey workshop. Engaging clients and users in these workshops is an incredibly fruitful way to ensure the project gets off to the best possible start and with all the information required to do so. In some cases remote digital card sort, tree testing is also a process I run.


Once a card sort is complete I digitise the output from a card sort and work with the client until all pain points are smoothed out.

Wireframe Prototypes

Building interactive wireframe prototypes  based on the flowcharts so that we can test out the steps to make sure the concept “works” and delivers the required objective.

Creative visuals

I will oversee or work on UI creative and present these to everyone involved in the project to make sure everyone is happy with my suggestive layout & design, it also gives me a chance to “sanity check” my ideas with marketing, sales and others involved. I’ll use invision app for presenting designs.


Once a build is underway, at various points I might work with a production team member on an issue that has an impact on the journey. When a project is ready for roll out I will QA it and present to stake holders and project owners to make sure everyone is happy to go live

Post live rollout

I will constantly review the designs, process alongside data guides such as Crazy Egg, Hotjar or Google Analytics or sales teams to ensure the process is working exactly as should be. If we find it needs tweaking we use the data collected to make adjustments.