Should I stay or should I go….

….As one of my favourite bands The Clash sang, New Year new start?! The age old Freelance vs Full Time career has risen it’s head and is up for debate.  To give you the backstory, I’ve been freelancing since 2009 and during this time I’ve been incredibly fortunate to not only work with some wonderful people / clients but also improve my skills over the years…with this I’ve also been lucky to be around my kids whilst they went from new borns to school…but like all good things, sometimes a change is needed or rather enforced.

Over the last few months it’s been brutally hard to keep client retainers or clients committing to new projects and this combined with recent financial problems in the UK has meant for Freelancers like myself work is hard to come by and as a consequence money slows down and all the knock on effects start to take their toll, desperation for work or clients makes you ponder the “take anything” attitude but at what costs? Your work quality? Do you abolish your normal well practised routines as there isn’t enough time to wireframe a site as the budget is so low? Surely this can’t be the way forward?  But we need the proverbial carrot being dangled in front of me…or do I? Is it worth it?

Another element to freelancing is the “solo” lifestyle, I miss working face to face with people, interaction, sharing ideas, discovery…all these things for me add up to the greater requirement…..a guaranteed income & enjoyment in my work.

Time to think long and hard.

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