The importance of Website planning & my Iceberg theory

Have you found yourself struggling to justify time or budget allocated to the UI & UX stages of a website project? I know I have, it’s a hurdle that as a freelancer I come up against regularly.

Part of my role and doubtless every web designer’s role is to justify the necessary time required to plan out the website for which we are being asked to quote on or indeed deliver. This can be in the form of working out what type of user(s) will visit and use the site through to how many templates are required.
I know from experience time to plan a site still needs to occur no matter if the site is for a small local retailer or a huge national product supplier. Should the quality of the delivered website be compromised by clients unwilling to pay for planning? After I still want my clients large or small, big or little budget to have the best possible website and for me that means allocating time to planning. read more