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I design User Experiences for websites on various platforms. I’m fascinated by the psychology of humans and their interactions and requirements from a website believing that every website or platform is made up of two fundamental elements – 1. What is the objective goal  and 2. How do we achieve our goal? By identifying these two I am able to design user experiences tailor made for these requirements. To understand more about my process click here.

Currently Head of Experience Design, Strategy at Squiz UK where I work with and lead a small team of UX designers and creatives and work alongside creative strategists and technical consultants.

I am able to work at pace whilst ensuring accuracy of my work, having a keen eye for detail. My personal style and experience leading teams enables me to deliver consistent professional results. View my latest work .

My skills:
User Experience Design – Information architecture – Wireframe prototyping – UX Workshops – Design Workshops
Flowcharting – Design strategy – Business strategy – Team building
Photoshop, Illustrator – Team leading – UI Design – Graphic design